Best Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine for Acrylic


Acrylic also called Organic Glass or PMMA, all the cast and extruded acrylic sheets can be processed with amazing results by Aeon Laser. Since Laser cutting Acrylic by high-temperature laser beam rapidly heat up and vaporize it in the path of the laser beam, thus cutting edge is left with a fire-polished finish, resulting in smooth and straight edges with minimal heat affected zone, reducing the need for a post-process after machining ( Acrylic sheet cut by CNC router usually need to use a flame polisher to polish it to make the cutting edge smooth and transparent) Thus Laser machine is perfect for acrylic cutting.


For acrylic engraving, laser machines also have their advantage, Laser engraving Acrylic with small dots by a high frequency of turn on and off laser beam, thus it can reach a high resolution, especially for photoengraving. Aeon Laser Mira series with high engraving speed up to 1200mm/s, for those who want to reach a higher resolution, we have an RF metal tube for your option.

Application of Acrylic sheets after engraving and cutting:

Best Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine for Acrylic - 1. Advertising applications:



LGP(light guide plate)




Architecture model

Cosmetic display stand/box

arcylic comestic stand1

Best Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine for Acrylic - 2. Decoration & Gift applications:

Acrylic Key/Phone Chain


Acrylic Name card case/holder


Photo frame/Trophy

Best Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine for Acrylic - 3. Home:

Acrylic Flower boxes

 Acrylic Flower boxes

Wine rack

 Wine rack

Wall decoration(Acrylic height marker)

 Wall decoration

Cosmetics/Candy box


AEON Laser's co2 laser machine can cut and engrave on many materials, like paperleatherglassacrylicstone, marble, wood, and so on.