MIRA5 S 45W 60W Desktop Laser Engraver Cutter Machine

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The Aeon Laser Redline Series is a true marvel of engineering and has redefined the laser as we know it. From turning your craft into cash, to breaking through the ceiling of your thriving business, it’s as beautiful to look at as it is to use. It’s ready to take you above and beyond.

  • Power: 45W | 60W | RF30W/60W
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    Power Performance

    • Fastest in its class: 2000 mm/s engraving speed with RF tube, 1200mm/s with glass tube
    • Acceleration 5G
    • Hassle-free maintenance due to Clean Pack Design and Magnetic
      Laser Head
    • Material: Wood, glass, paper, leather, textiles, acrylic and many others
    • Pass-through door for oversized size items
    • Full safety - Class 1 Laser Machines for your peace of mind
    • First in the Industry - flat work table with easy jigs mounting
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    90% Reduction in Optical Path Alignments

    Easily replace optical components (laser tube, mirror, lens) without the need for optical path alignments, ensuring quick and convenient maintenance.

    Multi-Functional Work Table

    Turn your cutting table into a flat table within seconds and
    easily mount jigs.

    Plus, it comes with a honeycomb table for engraving tasks. Get versatility and efficiency all in one! 

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    Magnetic Design

    Effortless Lens Snap-On, Snap-Off!

    Material Pass-through Door

    Easily work even on bigger pieces!

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    All-in-one Design

    All the external accessories (air compressor/chiller/air blower) are built-in.

    Fully Enclosed Dust-proof Guide Rail

    A fully sealed linear guide protects the guide rail and light path from dust, resulting in a significant reduction in maintenance frequency.


    High-resolution LightBurn Camera included

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    - Easily position your artwork on the workpiece.

    Import your artwork into LightBurn and effortlessly position your objects by dragging and dropping them onto the work area.

    - Trace the shape feature

    Utilize the LightBurn camera to capture a shape or a marker pen drawing, and with customizable trace features, instantly convert it into a cutting or engraving vector file.

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    Which One Suits you?

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  • Parameters Models Mira5 S Mira7 S Mira9 S
    Basic Information Working Area(mm) 500*300 700*500 900*600
    Z Axis Lifting Space(mm) 120 140 150
    Max Lifting Capacity(KG) 15 25 25
    Glass Tube Options Laser Power 45W/60W 45W/60W/80W/90W 45W/60W/80W/90W/100W
    Max Engraving Speed 1200mm/s 1200mm/s 1200mm/s
    Acceleration 5G 5G 5G
    Cooling Method Built-in 3000 chiller Built-in 3000 chiller Built-in 5000 chiller
    RF Tube Options Laser Power 30W/60W 30W/60W 30W/60W
    Max Engraving Speed 3500mm/s 4000mm/s 4000mm/s
    Acceleration 8G 8G 8G
    Cooling Method Air Air Air
    Accuracy Minimum Font Size(RF Tube) 1.0×1.0mm 1.0×1.0mm 1.0×1.0mm
    Positioning Accuracy <=0.1mm <=0.1mm <=0.1mm
    Configurations Air Assist Built-in Built-in Built-in
    Working Table Honeycomb table+Aluminum bar table
    Fume Exhaust Fan Built-in Built-in Built-in
    XY axis fully dust-proof design
    Wifi Data Transfer
    Red Dot Positioning
    Material Pass Through Door
    Intelligent Warning & Diagnostic Smart Panel (monitoring function) ×
    Fault alarm and diagnosis ×
    Operation status light
    Package Machine Dimension(mm) 900*700*410 1128*945*510 1328*1070*530
    Net  Weight (KG) 110 185 225
    Gross Weight(KG) 125 235 295
    Optionals Rotary Clamp;Support Table;Lightburn Software;
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