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MIRA7 is a professional desktop laser. The working area is 700*450mm, with water cooler, exhaust fan and air pump built inside of the machine which is very compact,clean and modern. It can meet your requirements for speed, power and running time. It is more strong and safe. It can be a very useful tool for your business.  And it won’t take up large space…

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MIRA7 is a professional desktop laser engraving machine. The working area is 700*450mm, with water cooler, exhaust fan and air pump built inside of the machine which is very compact,clean and modern. 

For this model, the condenser of the water cooler is enlarged, therefore, the cooling effect is greatly enhanced. And, as a professional model, it got blade cutting table as well as honeycomb table. The air assists and exhaust blower installed inside are more powerful. The whole machine is built according to Class 1 Laser standard. The case is fully enclosed. Every door and window got locks, and also, it got key lock for the main switch to prevent non-authorized person to access the machine.

 As a member of MIRA Series, the MIRA7 engraving speed is also up to 1200mm/sec. The acceleration speed is 5G. The dust proof guide rail ensure the engraving outcome is perfect. The red beam is the combiner type, which is same with the laser path. Further, you could choose autofocus and WIFI to get easier operation experience.

Overall, The MIRA7 is a more professional desktop machine. It can meet your requirements for speed, power and running time. It is more strong and safe. It can be a very useful tool for your business.  

Advantages of the MIRA7

Faster than others

  1. With Customized stepper motor,high quality Taiwan Linear Guide rail and Japanese bearing, the MIRA7 maximum engraving speed is up to 1200mm/sec,  acceleration speed up to 5G, twice or three times faster than ordinary machines on the market.

Clean pack Technology

One of the biggest enemy for laser engraving and cutting machine is dust. Smoke and dirty particles will slow down the laser machine and make the outcome bad. The Clean pack design of MIRA  protects the linear guide rail from dust,reduce maintenance frequency effectively,get much better outcome.

All-in-one design

All of the laser machines need exhaust fan,cooling system and air compressor.The MIRA7 has all these functions built-in,very compact and clean. just put on table, plug in and play.

Class 1 Laser Standard

  1. The MIRA7 machine case is fully enclosed. There are key locks on every door and window. The main power switch is key lock type, which prevent the machine from those un-authorized person operating the machine. These features make it much more safe.

AEON Pro-Smart Software

  1. The Aeon ProSmart software is user friendly and it has perfect operation functions. You can set parameter details and operate it very easy. It will support all file formats as using on market and can direct work inside of CorelDraw, Illustrator and AutoCAD.And further, it is compatible with both windows and Mac OS!


  1. The MIRA7 was build with high-speed multi communication system. You can connect to your machine by Wi-Fi, USB cable, LAN network cable and transfer your data by USB Flash disk. Machine has 128 MB memory, LCD screen control panel. With off-line working mode when your electricity down and reboot machine will run on stop position.

Effective Table and front pass through door

  1. The MIRA7 got ball screw electric up&down table, steady and precision.Z-Axis height is 15mm, can fit in 15mm height products. The front door can open and pass through longer materials.

Focus more easier

  1. The MIRA7 can install the newly designed Autofocus. The focus for the laser can’t be easier.Just a press with the autofocus on the control panel, it will find its focus automatically.The autofocus device height can be adjustable manually very easy, and it can be install and replace very easy ,too.

Strong and Modern body.

The Case is made up of very thick galvanized steel plate, which is very strong. The painting is powder type, looks much better. The design is much more modern, which fits seamlessly in modern house. The LED illumination inside the machine makes it shinning in the dark room like a super star. 

Integrated air filter

  1. The environmental problems for laser machine is more and more attracted attention by customers. During the engraving and cutting, the laser machine can make very heavy smoke and dust. Those smoke is very harmful. Although it can be driven out of the window by the exhaust pipe, it did harm the environment badly. With our integrated air filter specially designed for MIRA series, it can remove 99.9% of the smoke and bad smells made by laser machine, and it can be a support table for the laser machine as well, further, you could put material or other finished products on the closet or drawer. 

Packaging and Transportation

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  • Technical Specifications:
    Working Area: 700*450mm
    Laser Tube: 60W/80W/RF30W
    Laser Tube type: CO2 sealed glass tube
    Z Axis Height: 150mm adjustable
    Input Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz/110V AC 60Hz
    Rated Power: 1200W-1300W
    Operating Modes: Optimized raster,vector and combinedmode mode
    Resolution: 1000DPI
    Max Engraving Speed: 1200mm/sec
    Max Cutting Speed: 1000mm/sec
    Acceleration Speed: 5G
    Laser Optical Control: 0-100% set by software
    Minimum Engraving Size: Chinese Character 2.0mm*2.0mm, English Letter 1.0mm*1.0mm
    Locating Precision: <=0.1
    Cutting Thickness: 0-20mm(depends on different materials )
    Working Temperature: 0-45°C
    Environmental Humidity: 5-95%
    Buffer Memory: 128Mb
    Compatible Software: CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software
    Compatible Operation System:  Windows XP/2000/Vista,Win7/8//10, Mac OS, Linux
    Computer Interface: Ethernet/USB/WIFI
    Worktable: Honeycomb
    Cooling system: Built in water cooler with cooling fan
    Air Pump: Built in noise suppression air pump
    Exhaust Fan: Built in 330w Turbo Exhaust blower
    Machine Dimension: 1106mm*883mm*543mm
    Machine Net Weight: 128Kg
    Machine Packing Weight: 158Kg
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