Redline Nova14 Super 100W 130W RF30W RF60W

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The Aeon Redline NOVA Super Series is designed to maximize profits with its primary focus on increasing efficiency, versatility and ease of use, while simultaneously reducing downtime and overall maintenance.

Working area:1400mm*900mm

  • Power: 100W+RF30W |100W+RF60W |130W+RF30W| 130W+RF60W
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    Up to 8G Acceleration

    Full AC Servo Motors make acceleration nearly instant at 8G of force with top speeds of 4,200 mm/sec on all RF models.


    Excellent Precision

    Linear guide rails with ball bearings offer greater precision and smoother motion, which improves print quality and longevity.


    Lightweight Laser Head

    A lightweight laser head contributes to less over-scanning and an overall reduction in vibration.


    Most lasers employ a unibody structure where the components are bolted to a thin outer shell. However, if you need speed, it's of utmost importance to make the frame as rigid as possible to stop the machine from flexing. The Redline series frame is so robust, that you can even remove the entire side panel for greater accessibility when troubleshooting.

    NOVA16 Super - 07

    All-In-One DESIGN

    In the NOVA's Super Clean Pack design, not only are the linear rails and bearing blocks enclosed, but protective curtains on the left and right side rails now prevent unwanted particles from spreading beyond your work area.

    NOVA all in one 450x300



    High-Resolution Camera

    All Aeon lasers are now equipped with built-in high-resolution cameras for precise positioning and monitoring.


    Integrated Autofocus

    Say goodbye to collisions and gouged material. The Aeon Redline Series has a newly designed laser head with integrated autofocus.


    Bullseye Leveling Gauge

    Ensuring your laser is level can now be done at a glance. Both MIRAs and NOVAs are fitted with Bullseye Leveling Gauges.


    Material Pass Through

    For the Redline Series, a passthrough is included in all NOVA models.


    Status Light

    Aeon is renowned for its stylish and sleek appearance. The Aeon Laser logo on the front access door panel is now backlit and doubles as a functional Status Light, illuminating white when in standby, red when an error is encountered, and green while in operation, adding both form and function to an already stunning design.


    Intuitive LCD Display

    The most recent revision to the NOVA Keypad brings commonly used functions right to the surface, for reduced setup times and overall ease of use. You can even monitor water temperature, amperage (mA), air pressure (psi), and the temperature of your optics right from the vibrant 5" LCD display, for the ultimate user experience.



    Say goodbye to painstaking tube replacements. This innovative approach allows for swapping tubes in and out of your Aeon laser, without having to renegotiate the beam path. This means it is now feasible to keep a spare tube on the shelf or quickly swap between higher or lower-wattage tubes as needed.


    All mirrors are now easily accessible and can be cleaned or replaced without the use of any tools or having to recalibrate.


    The lens cartridges on all Redline models are now magnetic and the focal lens itself is press-fit with a silicone washer, for easy access.


    Proactive Smart Monitoring

    All optics are now fitted with thermal sensors to record and report temperature readings to the keypad, thus eliminating the likelihood of unexpected failures. This proactive approach not only saves you from costly mistakes and downtime, it also reduces the need for frequent unwarranted cleaning. To top it off, the controller now records these readings along with ambient temperature, laser tube runtime and machine parameters, to serve as a diagnostic log in the event troubleshooting is needed.


    Safe-Guarded Optics

    To further reduce the need for maintenance, all optics are now fully removed from the work area, taking the Clean Pack Design to its highest potential.


    Safe-Guarded Laser Head

    With the laser head sealed to where no dust or debris can enter, all that remains are a series of cost-effective windows, which are far easier to maintain and replace if needed.

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  • Parameters Model Nova10 Super/Elite Nova14 Super/Elite Nova16 Super/Elite
    Working Scope Working Area (mm) 1000*700mm 1400*900mm 1600*1000mm
    Z Axis Lifting Space 200mm 200mm 200mm
    Max Lifting Capacity 120KG 120KG 120KG
    Laser Tube Laser Tube Power Glass: 90W/100W
    RF: 30W/60W
    Glass: 90W/100W/130W
    RF: 30W/60W
    Glass: 90W/100W/130W/150W
    RF: 30W/60W
    Motion system Max Engraving Speed     4000mm/s (Super)
    1200mm/s (Elite)
       4200mm/s (Super)
    1200mm/s (Elite)
       4200mm/s (Super)
    1200mm/s (Elite)
    Acceleration    8G (Super)
    5G (Elite)
       8G (Super)
    5G (Elite)
       8G (Super)
    5G (Elite)
    Accuracy Minimum Font Size(RF Tube) 1.0×1.0mm 1.0×1.0mm 1.0×1.0mm
    Positioning Accuracy <=0.1mm <=0.1mm <=0.1mm
    Configuration Working Table Honeycomb + Blade table Honeycomb + Blade table Honeycomb + Blade table
    Cooling system Glass: Built-in 5000 chiller
    RF: Air-cooled
    Glass: Built-in 5200 chiller
    RF: Air-cooled
    Glass: Built-in 5200 chiller                 RF: Air-cooled
    Fume Exhaust Fan Built-in 500W (Auto Start-stop) Built-in 500W (Auto Start-stop) Built-in 500W (Auto Start-stop)
    Air Assist Built-in compressor 750W with 24L air tank (Auto Start-stop) Built-in compressor 750W with 40L air tank (Auto Start-stop) Built-in compressor 750W with 40L air tank (Auto Start-stop)
    Auto Focus
    Wireless Connectivity
    Red Dot Positioning
    Camera 100° 8 megapixel (3840×2160) 100° 8 megapixel (3840×2160) 100° 8 megapixel (3840×2160)
    Internal Memory 1G 1G 1G
    Operating Software Rdworks/Lighburn(Optional) Rdworks/Lighburn(Optional) Rdworks/Lighburn(Optional)
    Compatible Design Software CorelDraw/Illustrator/AutoCAD CorelDraw/Illustrator/AutoCAD CorelDraw/Illustrator/AutoCAD
    Package Machine Dimension(mm) 1500*1210*1125 1900*1410*1125 2100*1510*1125
    Net  Weight (KG) 415KG 560KG 566KG
    Gross Weight(KG) 532KG 683KG 730KG
    Optionals Rotary Clamp/Lightburn Software /Air Purifier
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