When making jewelry, many different materials are now used, especially precious metals and alloys. Traditionally, the industry has used a number of methods such as engraving (mechanical production) or etching. In the past, an important reason for making gold inlays on expensive works was to personalize them or add meaningful inscriptions. Today, the creative design of jewelry, including the field of fashion jewelry, is becoming more and more important. With laser technology, precious metals such as laser metals and all other metals can be used.


Below are just a few advantages of laser cutting machines compared to traditional cutting methods:

Minimal distortion on parts due to a small heat affected zone

Intricate part cutting

Narrow kerf widths

Very high repeatability 


With a laser cutting system you can easily create complex cutting patterns for your jewelry designs:


Interlocking Monograms

Circle Monograms

Name Necklaces

Name Necklaces

Complex Custom Designs

Making-Jewelry-14-Wood-Jewelry-1024x512 allison

Pendants & Charms

Intricate Patterns

Custom One-Of-A-Kind Parts