Carpet widely used in residential, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircraft and other floor coverings, there are noise reduction, thermal insulation and decorative effect.

Traditional carpet generally used manual cut, electric cut or Die cut. The cutting speed for workers is relatively slow, the cutting accuracy cannot be guaranteed, often need second cutting, have more waste material; use electric cut, the cutting speed is quick, but in the complex graphics cutting corners, due to restrictions by the curvature of the fold, often have defects or cannot be cut, and easily have beard. Using die cutting, it need to make the mold at first, although cutting speed is quick, for the new vision, it must make the new mold, it had high costs for making the mold, long cycle, high maintenance costs.


Laser cutting is the non-contact thermal processing, customers only simply load the carpet on the working platform, the laser system will be cutting according to the pattern designed, the more complex shapes can be easily cut. In many cases, laser cutting for synthetic carpets had almost no coked side, the edge can automatically seal, to avoid edge beard problem. Many customers used our laser cutting machine to cut carpet for cars, aircraft, and the carpet for the doormat cutting, they all have benefited from this. In addition, the application of laser technology has opened up new categories for carpet industry, namely engraved carpet and carpet inlay, the differentiated carpet products has become the more mainstream products, they are well received by consumers.

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