Car Interiors

Car interiors 


In the automotive interior (mainly car seat covers, car carpets, airbags, etc.) production areas, especially car cushion production, the main cutting method for computer cutting and manual cutting. As the price of computer cutting bed is very high (the lowest price is more than 1 million Yuan), far more than the general purchasing power of manufacturing enterprises, and difficult to personalized cutting, so more companies are still using manual cutting. But Aeon laser machine is a great choice.

After the use of AEON laser cutting machine, the time for a machine to cut a set of seats is reduced to 20 minutes. As the use of intelligent typesetting system, material loss is also greatly reduced, and eliminates the cost of hand-cut labor, so the cost is greatly reduced. Coupled with the application of automatic feeding system, making the production efficiency increasing by one third. While the version of the software embedded, making a version of easy to change version, the product structure has been greatly enriched, new products emerge in an endless stream; In the process, the laser cutting, drilling, engraving and other innovative technology integration which greatly increased the value-added products, and lead the automotive interior processing technology of the new fashion, the rapid rejuvenation of enterprises.