Super NOVA – 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser

In the laser community, there is a very famous law when you choose a suitable machine: It is always correct to go bigger when you have enough budget and space. Well, we can’t object that, it got a very powerful foundation. So, what can we do as a laser engraving and cutting machine manufacturer? Nothing but to bring you the bigger and stronger machines. Urm, not exactly, as we already had NOVA for same size and power, and sold very well on the market, why bother to build a new Super Nova? The reason is very simple, AEON Laser always wants to bring the best machine to our customers.

The old NOVA machine is an excellent machine, strong, modern, beautiful… there are few laser cutting machines can compete with it on the market regarding the price and quality. However, we do know there are a lot of customers won’t be happy with it, a lot of details to be improved. That’s based on the rich experience in the laser business and massive investigate with all kinds of demands. Finally, we bring you the Super NOVA, so you got a versatile big cannon instead of a small gun just can haunt some hummingbirds. 

Now, let me explain to you why you need the Super NOVA – 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser

1.It is much stronger. You can’t find stronger machine body of the same level on the market.The super NOVA structured by steel tube, which is very firm. Plus the thick zinc galvanized steel plate, makes it rigid like a tank. Just give you an idea, the Super NOVA14 net weight 650KG, while the ordinary machines with same size weight just 300KG. People will say: well, we are buying laser machine, we are not buying the metal. That’s true, but if you want a super fast machine with enough precision, the stronger, the better.

Super Nova yasuo

2.It got two tubes inside -Metal RF & Glass DC in one machine. For a long time, there is a big argument between RF Laser tube and Glass laser tube, which one is better? The market gave the answer, there are fewer and fewer RF laser tube machines available to sell, most of the manufacturers turned to glass laser tubes, it is not because of the RF laser tube got more disadvantages, the only disadvantage of the metal RF laser tube is the cost. If you got enough money, go to RF laser always correct. The RF laser tube got thinner beam quality, which means you got finer details when engraving. The RF laser tube got faster reaction, that means it can work with faster machines. The RF laser tube got longer life span, five times longer than the glass tube! The RF laser tube is made of metal, it is not easy to be broken, and it is rechargeable! Is there a way to compromise for the cost? Yes, the Super NOVA answered. We installed one small power RF laser tube and a high power glass tube inside the Super NOVA machine, perfectly sort this out. With two lasers inside, like a computer with dual core. The RF laser tube allows you to engrave at very high speed without missing any details, and the high power glass tube will allow you to cut deep. Imagine you got a 20mm pine board to cut, and also you want to engrave some artworks on the board, you can’t go wrong with Super NOVA.

Super NOVA - 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser

3.It is much faster, let’s fly! With the advantage of the high speed motors and rigid mechanical system, and the fast reactive RF laser tube, engraving faster is not a dream anymore. The Super NOVA can go 2000mm/sec, and 5G acceleration speed. Time is money, faster will save you time, and save you money. If you do not know what to do with the time you saved, why not enjoy a cup of coffee? 

Super NOVA - 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser_1

4.Minimum maintenance.  The Super NOVA adopted AEON Laser’s newest full clean pack design technology. The optical path were enclosed fully as well as the guide rails. The dust will not contaminate the guide rail or the mirrors. You don’t have clean your mirrors everyday after heavy use anymore. The guide rail? It was protected very well inside the enclosure, you don’t have to maintain it within two years. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Super NOVA - 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser_2 Super NOVA - 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser_3

5. All in one on a big machine. AEON laser extended the All in one design on the big sized machine finally. The Super NOVA built in the 5200 chiller, a powerful laser turbo exhaust fan and a 135W air pump! This is also a big challenge, especially considering the vibrations of these individual units. Thanks to our engineer team with long time test and numerous improvements, you have a much clean machine to get rid of those cobweb wires, and never been freaked out for the complicated hookups.  

Super NOVA - 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser_4

6.Dual air assist system. For those who are familiar with laser engraving and cutting machine, they already knew how important for the air assist. Most of the materials process by laser machine is flammable. Laser will catch in fire during the engraving or cutting. The smoke and granules will also harm the focus lens without blowing airs from the laser head. There is also a dilemma for the air assist system designing. If you want to cut thick materials, stronger air will help you to put off fire and get a very clean cut, while if you are engraving, you need small air even no air. But if without any airs, you can’t protect the focus lens. AEON Laser engineering team designed two air system to solve this, built in a weak air pump inside for protection air and left a strong air quick connector on the machine. You could hook up a quiet air compressor very easy, and the strong air is adjustable! This would be convenient for you to get a proper air for your job. 

7.Safety, never been more important. Laser is dangerous. AEON Laser will never forget that when designing the machines. Fire, radiation, electric shock…. All those always remind that, it is a machine, not a toy. The Super NOVA got a fully enclosed body with all access door locked. The ignition key will prevent unauthorized person from accessing the machine. The open lid protection will stop you from working with the lid open. The lid is made of PC which is fire proof. AEON Laser cares about your health and your property. 

8. Collect products and clean up never been so convenient. The Super NOVA got a effective table design. The finished small products and scraps will fall down to the drawer under the working table. You could open it and collect the products conveniently, also, clean up the drawer very easy.  

Super NOVA - 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser_5

9. Narrow door? Don’t worry.  The AEON Super NOVA’s machine body is detachable, you could break it into two sections to pass a narrow door or doorway. It can pass through the 80CM door without any problems. So, as long as your room is big enough, you don’t have to blast your door.

After viewing so many advantages of the Super NOVA – 2022 Best Laser Engraving Machine from AEON Laser, want to have one for your business now?Super NOVA proactive approach helps you spend less time cleaning and maintaining your equipment, and more time cranking out orders.

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Post time: Dec-31-2021