How to choose a suitable laser engraving and cutting machine?

Nowadays, laser applications become more and more popular. People use laser to print, cut, do surgeries, remove tattoos, welding metals and plastics, you could see it in everyday used products easily, and the Laser technology is not mysterious any more. One of the most popular laser technology is laser engraving and cutting machine. It got a lot of benefits compared with CNC milling machines, cutting plotters, water jet cutting machines. A lot of peoples want to buy to replace the traditional ways of production. But there are a lot of brands and different machines on the market, prices varies from 300usd to 50000usd, which confused most of consumers. Here are some tips on how to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine?


How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine – 1. Check your application, ask if you are going to buy a hobby laser engraver or a commercial grade laser cutting machine. Hobby machines can be cheap. But better quality hobby machines can be also expensive. Although some hobby machines also can make products to sell, it is not efficient enough. If you want to expand your business, buy commercial grade machines earlier.

How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine - 2.Research the market. There are a lot of cheap Chinese laser machines flooded on the market. A lot of Chinese factories sell directly to the end customers with a very low price. Don’t expect more if you buy directly from them. The after sales service is very weak, or nothing. You’ll be taught a lot of lessons after you bought from them. If you really want to try some lucks, avoid buying machines from Shandong and Guangdong Province of China. There are of course some good sellers, but most of them are only cares about your money. Best way is to buy from the reputable brand, which got local distributors. A laser cutter or engraver is still a machine. When a machine got problems, it can be headaches to fix it if you don’t have enough knowledge. A local distributor will save you at this time.

How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine - 3.Pay more attention to warranty and support of the machine. Check with the supplier, if the replacement parts are available very fast. If the parts are easy to buy after the warranty is expired. If they the seller can offer training lessons and installation service before you buy. These can tell you which seller or brand are better or safety for you. A good brand always protect you after you bought. That is basic for a reliable seller.

How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine - 4.Let the seller make samples you wanted and video for you. Most of laser engraving and cutting machine sellers will make samples for you before you buy. You could ask them to cut or engrave some materials like acrylic, ABS or plywood. You could send them some complicated designs for them to make samples to send you or just send the video and photos after them made. This will know if the machine can do the job well, also you could know how good the machines.

How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine - 5.Check the accuracy of the machine. This could be checked by the samples the machine made. For example, you could design some complicated vector files with complicated curves and lines for the laser to draw over 300mm/sec speed, or engrave very small letters at 1mm height. Check the quality of the lines, if you found some wobble or wavy lines, or the letter it engraved is blur. Wavy lines and blur small letters of course are not good. The faster it can do the job, the better.

How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine - 6. A good software. A good software will shorten your learning curves. It also means the machine got a better controller, which is the core of the machine. The mainstream controller for laser engraving and cutting machines from China is Ruida controller, there are also controllers like Trocen, Lechuang, The software is different. Ruida controller supports RDworks software and Lightburn software, these two software are popular and easy to use. Bad software will annoy you a lot of time.

How to choose a good suitable laser engraving and cutting machine - 7.Safety of the laser. Laser engraving and cutting machine can be very dangerous, good designs always consider safety of the machine. Always check if there are some protection device on the machine you are going to buy, if there are open lid protections, water sensor protections. If the lid cover is fire proof, if the machine got electric safety switches,etc. If the seller won’t care about your life and property, do you think that’s a good seller?

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Post time: Jul-13-2022