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These little details show that the Nomad is intended for a more niche user, perhaps someone working in an office setting where noise, mess, and aesthetics are a concern. Wired put it best in their article on the Nomad: “CNC mills don’t have to be beautiful, but this bamboo one sure is.” If you can pay for the luxury of good looks and sleek operation, you’ll enjoy this machine.

He first did a mock-up with some MDF scrap. The final boards, of course, use copper clad FR-4. Interestingly, the mock-up served as a position guide for the board. Even if you didn’t do an entire mockup, milling the profile of the board might be a good idea. Naturally, the first attempt wasn’t great and he aborted it. He simplified the board layout and tried again but that didn’t work well. He then switched out the engraving bit he was using for a proper end mill. That caused a bit of an edge that needed sanding, but solved most of the other problems.

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Oh, you can definitely autolevel a PCB much more easily than anything non-conductive. Both BCNC and Chilipeppr have functionality allowing you to use a special gcode command (available in at least grbl) that’ll stop the bit once a circuit is made — so you clip one side of a circuit to your drill, and one side to the PCB itself, and probe at multiple points along the board to build a mesh. It works pretty flawlessly.

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"Not one acre of state land has permanent legal protection from being logged or or even having pipelines and stuff built across them," said Kellett, executive director of the nonprofit conservation organization Restore the North Woods. "People think our forests are protected, but they’re really not permanently protected."

“Ben answers and I just hear Ben say, ‘OK, we’ll be right there, you have to find it,’” Heather recalled. “I knew immediately something was going on, so we jump in the car and we’re coming home from Crystal and he said (Aiden) cut his thumb off.”

The fact that polycarbonate absorbs IR radiation is a good thing; it means more of the beam energy goes into cutting the material instead of being reflected around the machinery. It will cut pretty well even without kilowatt level power, but the trick is to use a coaxial nitrogen assist jet to prevent the blackened edges. The nitrogen jet is also good for preventing the “gooey melting” issues that you get with some of the other uncuttable materials, and will blow out flames on cardboard and some of the other items.

If you’re really curious about how the X-Carve stacks up against the Shapeoko, Carbide 3D actually wrote a comparison article between both machines. Sounds biased, we know, but it’s a fun read regardless.

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Chefs love bamboo too: Executive Chef Alex Pineda Chef Alex Pineda from ViewHouse in Denver says he tends to “lean towards bamboo cutting boards” because “they are lightweight, green conscious, and are on the affordable end.” Plus, he adds that “they’re also dense enough that they do not become easily scarred by heavy knife work – also maintaining a better level of sanitation with the board.” With that in mind, MarketWatch asked experts for their recommendations — and scoured the web — for the best wooden and bamboo cutting boards.

I will give you a dollar if you can find a better example of rose engine engraving than high as hell expensive chicken tchotchkies. This was a way of making hard to fake engraving in currency and legal docs.

Thirsty for more? Check out our in-depth article on G-code examples. In our programming tutorial, we go even deeper with G-code commands.

Also like Porzingis, Bertans has an all-time great nickname: the Latvian Laser. Three-point shooting plus a cool nickname to go along with it? That’s the perfect combo. 

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