Phone Case

Phone case

As the mobile phone is becoming more intelligent, lighter, and thinner, the defects of the traditional technology manufacturing technology are continuously enlarged, and the laser engraving processing technology has been successfully introduced into the mobile phone manufacturing industry and has quickly become the darling of the mobile phone manufacturing industry. Compared with traditional inkjet processing, laser engraving has the advantages of high engraving precision, non-contact, permanent, anti-counterfeiting, and high processing efficiency.


The production information, patent number, and other information fonts on the back shell of the mobile phone are very small. The traditional craftsmanship can meet the needs of small characters, and the laser marking machine has a small focusing spot. According to different requirements, the minimum character can be 0.1mm. Below, you are fully qualified for new needs. The development of mobile phone casings has also experienced plastics, anode aluminum, ceramics, metallic paint shells, glass, and other materials. Different types of laser marking machines are used in different materials. For example, plastics use more UV ultraviolet lasers, while anode aluminum and ceramics The pulsed fiber laser marking machine were used, and the glass marking was initially tried, but it was finally abandoned.


Advantages of laser engraving processing technology on mobile phone casing: Laser laser engraving processing is highly reliable. The marked graphics, characters, serial numbers, clear and wear-resistant, are non-contact processing, so the processed workpiece is not damaged or deformed. Laser laser engraving computer drawing, typesetting, scientific. The required logo can be scanned according to the logo provided by the customer; the serial number is completely auto-coded.


In addition, laser engraving has a strong anti-counterfeiting performance. Make your products less susceptible to counterfeiting, genuine goods, and must be more popular. AEON Laser machine engraving speed is fast and the time is strong, which improves the production efficiency. Laser laser engraving is fine, beautiful, and has a strong appreciation. The marking has high marking accuracy, a beautiful and generous appearance, and a good viewing effect.