AEON NOVA10 Laser Engraver & Cutter

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AEON NOVA10 is a commercial standing model laser engraving and cutting machine. The working area is 1000*700mm.It can fit in larger size materials and could install higher power laser tubes to cut thick materials. It will be an ideal machine for your business and will bring you profit for sure.

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مجموعي طور جائزو

NOVA10 is a commercial standing model laser engraving and cutting machine. The working area is 1000*700mm. From the NOVA Series of machines, the designer moved his eyes to the cutting. Therefore, the machine engraving speed is not so fast as MIRA machines. Although it can go 1000mm/sec, the acceleration speed is 2G. However, this speed is enough to be outstanding over other similar machines on the market.

The structure of the machine is very strong, which makes it more steady. The machine equipped with honeycomb and blade worktable and with model3000 or 5000 chiller, makes it possible to install 100W or even 130W laser tube. The Z-axis now increased to 200mm, so it can fit in higher products. The air assists system got pressure gauge and regulator to give the users option to add a more powerful compressor to cut thicker materials. The front and back material pass-through door makes it possible to cut long materials.

The machine is also built according to Class I laser standard, with a fully enclosed machine body and key lock on every door and window. The lid adopted tempered glass for fireproof purposes.

Overall, the NOVA10 is a very good commercial standing model of laser engraving and cutting machine. It can fit in larger size materials and could install higher power laser tubes to cut thick materials. It will be an ideal machine for your business and will bring you profit for sure. 

Advantages of the NOVA10


Clean Pack Design

One of the biggest enemies of laser engraving and cutting machines is dust. Smoke and dirty particles will slow down the laser machine and make the outcome bad. The Clean pack design of NOVA10 protects the linear guide rail from dust, reduces maintenance frequency effectively, gets a much better outcome.

AEON ProSMART Software

The Aeon ProSmart software is user-friendly and it has perfect operation functions. You can set technic details and operate it very easy. It will support all file formats as using on market and can direct work inside of CorelDraw, Illustrator and AutoCAD. Even you can use a direct-print function like printers CTRL+P.

Aeon-ProSmart-Software (1)

Multi Communication

The new NOVA10 was built on a high-speed multi-communication system. You can connect to your machine by Wi-Fi, USB cable, LAN network cable, and transfer your data by USB Flash disk. Machines have 256 MB memory, easy use color screen control panel. With off-line working mode when your electricity is down and the open machine will run on stop position.

Multi Functional Table Design

Depends on your material you have to use different working tables. The new NOVA10 has a HoneyComb table, Blade table as standard configuration. It has to vacuum under the honeycomb table. With the pass-through design easy Access to use big size material.

*Nova models have a 20cm up/down lift platform with the vacuuming table.


Faster Than Others

The new NOVA10 designed a maximum effective working style. With the high-speed digital step motors, Taiwan made linear guides, Japanese bearings, and maximum speed design it will up to 1200mm/second engraving speed, 300 mm/second cutting speed with 1.8G acceleration. The best choice in the market.

Strong, Seperatable and Modern Body

The new Nova10 was designed by AEON Laser. It was built on 10 years of experience, customer feedback. The body can separate 2 parts to move it from any door size 80cm. LED Lights from left and right side looking machine inside view very bright.


اثر ٽيبل ۽ مئٽرڪ پاس در جي ذريعي

  1. هن NOVA10 طالب المولي بجلي مٿي ۽ هيٺ ٽيبل ارارت روانو ٿيو، لڳاتار ۽ precision.Z-محور اوچائي 10mm آهي، 10mm اوچائي شين ۾ فٽ ڪري سگهو ٿا. جي سامهون دروازو کوليو ۽ گهڻي مواد جي وسيلي نڪري سگهي ٿو.

وڌيڪ پهچ وڌائڻ

  1. The NOVA10 can install the newly designed Autofocus. The focus for the laser can be easier. Just a press with the autofocus on the control panel will find its focus automatically. The autofocus device height can be adjustable manually very easy, and it can be installed and replace very easily, too.

Material Applications

Laser Cutting Laser Engraving
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic
  • *Wood
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Leather
  • Plastics
  • Plastics
  • Fabrics
  • Fabrics
  • MDF
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Cork
  • Corian
  • Brick
  • Foam
  • Granite
  • Fiberglass
  • Marble
  • Rubber
  • Tile
  • River Rock
  • Bone
  • Melamine
  • Phenolic
  • *Aluminum
  • *Stainless Steel

*Cannot cut hardwoods like mahogany

*CO2 lasers only mark bare metals when anodized or treated.


نظر تفصيل


پيڪنگ ۽ آمد و رفت

  • نظارو:
  • اڳيون:

  • ٽيڪنيڪل Specifications:
    پورهيت حصي: 1000*700mm
    ليزر ٽيوب: 60W/80W/100W(100W need tube extender)
    ليزر ٽيوب قسم: CO2 سيل شيشي جي ٽيوب
    Z تائين محور اوچائي: 200mm
    پٽ Voltage: 220V AC 50Hz / 110V AC 60Hz
    چونديل بجلي: 1200W-1300W
    آپريٽنگ کان ٻاهر: Optimized raster,vector and combinedmode mode
    داد: 1000DPI
    وڌ چٽسالي اسپيڊ: 1200mm / سيڪنڊ
    وڌ ۾ وڌ اسپيڊ واڍي: 1000mm / سيڪنڊ
    Acceleration اسپيڊ: 1.8
    ليزر Optical ڪنٽرول: 0-100٪ سافٽ ويئر جي مقرر
    وقفي چٽسالي سائيز: چيني ڪردار 2.0mm * 2.0mm، انگريزي اکرن جي 1.0mm * 1.0mm
    Locating سڌائي: <= 0،1
    واڍي ٿولهه: 0-10mm (مختلف مواد تي دارومدار)
    ڪم پد: 0-45 ° س
    ماحولياتي گهم: 5-95٪
    بفر جي يادگيري: 128Mb
    هم آهنگ حيرت: CorelDraw / Photoshop / AutoCAD / ڀرٿ حيرت جي سڀني قسمن
    هم آهنگ آپريشن نظام:  Windows Xp / 2000 / نظارو، Win7 / 8 // 10، ڳوڙهي او ايس، لينڪس
    ڪمپيوٽر انٽرفيس: Ethernet / نيٽ ورڪ / وائي
    Worktable: Honeycomb & Aluminum bar table
    سوچڻ جو نظام: water cooling
    هوا جو پمپ: external 135W Air Pump
    Exhaust شائق: External 750W blower
    مشين طول: 1520mm*1295mm*1025mm
    مشين جال وزن: 420Kg
    مشين Packing وزن: 470Kg
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